Hydraulic, Hopper Barge, and Long Reach Dredging

Our sediment removal system is developed to perform jobs inaccessible to other equipment. Our equipment can access retention ponds, golf courses, sediment lagoons, home association lakes, marinas, slips, private ponds, private lakes, entrance channels, boat basins, fairways, coves, slips for marinas and a variety of other tasks that excavators and hydraulic dredges simply cannot get to.

Our equipment is made of materials and components that are tougher and longer-lasting than those of much larger machines.

When the work is completed, our equipment is easily lifted out of the water and loaded onto a trailer, just like a boat. It does not disturb the shoreline and leaves no footprint that needs to be repaired.

Our equipment also includes clamshell and hydraulic excavator dredges

Project bids can be customized to your needs and budget, many factors will determine the project cost.

Factors that will determined project cost:

Amount of material = sq ft x depth of desired silt = cb yds

Distance to silt holding area = amount of discharge pipe

Project Location - easy or isolated

Soil Types - organic, clay, sand

Debris in water = rocks, trees, stumps

Equipment & personnel required = size of dredger

Silt containment method - soil berms or Geotubes

Dredge work done nationwide

Hydraulic Dredging


Benefits of the hydraulic dredge method include trucking the removed silt to locations at any distance and simplified permits.

Hopper Barge Dredging

Long Reach Dredging


Benefits of long reach dredging include greatly reduced permitting than hydraulic dredging, ability to dispose silt onsite or trucked off, and it’s able to reach difficult areas.